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Dr. Joan Cerdá
Center of Aquaculture-IRTA

Address: Ctra. Poble Nou km 6, 43540-San Carles de la Ràpita, Tarragona, Spain

Tel: +34-977-745427

Fax: +34-977-74413
E-maill: Web site:
Research Interests:
The research group is interested in the molecular and cellular mechanisms during fish oogenesis towards the development of biotechnological applications in aquaculture. The role in the CRYOCYTE project will be the investigation of the function of aquaporin water channels during oocyte hydration and their manipulation for cryopreservation methodologies, the development of in vitro oocyte culture methods, and together with partner 6 the study of cysteine proteases (cathepsins) activity during yolk processing mechanisms in oocytes and embryos.
Participing scientists:
Merche Fabra Dr. Demetrio Raldua