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Mrs. Mercedes Dichtl
Research Interests:
S.E. Carburos Metalicos S.A. (CM) is the "Air Products" subsidiary in Spain. Since its foundation in 1897, the company has achieved a continuous growth that has taken it to the leadership position in industrial and medical gases in Spain. During its first century of activity, Carburos Met?licos has invested strongly in modern production plants distributed strategically throughout Spain. Carburos business covers five divisions: cylinders, medical, industrial bulk and welding. The company's core business is in the distribution and sale of industrial and medical gas supplies. The research activities of CM include gas applications for electronics, medicine, chemistry, materials, agriculture and food. The research portfolio includes a broad range of projects in order to develop the necessary knowledge to provide its marketing and sales department. Its commercial strategy is based on adding value to gas commodities, giving to the customers the basic engineering support on gas applications.

Since 1981 CM has a leadership position in cryobiology in some ways due to biological freezers development. CM offers a big range of products and services in this field such us:
Freezer equipment
Storage and transport containers for biological material
Freezing gas ( liquid nitrogen or Carbon dioxide)
Turnkey facilities
The scope of CM within the Cryocyte project is giving know-how in the development of an industrial application for the aquiculture field, mainly in the cryopreservation techniques taking into account the project results. As an industrial partner it will manage the industrial feasibility of the prototypes and the evaluation of the potential market.